Housing in Philadelphia is similar to the rest of the country in that there's a specific time of year when it's most advantageous to sell a home. If you sell your house during the right window, you should expect to increase your selling price by about five percent.

Tons of people are unaware of this and attempt to list their home when fewer people are actively looking to purchase a new home. When it comes to selling a home, you should be focused on hitting the market when it's saturated with the most buyers.

The higher the number of buyers there are in the market, the more eyes are going to be potentially on your home. The more eyes that see your home, the more interest is going to be generated. This will directly lead to an increase in offers, which is going to drive the final price of your home up. 

Most people start looking for a home when the weather starts getting nicer outside. You can expect your home to sell in Philadelphia at peak prices during the first two weeks of May. Tons of people decide they are interested in buying a new home, but wait until spring to actively start looking for potential properties.

If you want to maximize your selling price, make sure you have prepped your home and plan to list it just before this time period. It can take months to get a home ready to go on the market, so take the winter to prep your home and get it ready to be listed on the market. 

Renovations can be key when it comes to increasing the selling price, so make sure you work with a professional to identify any areas that can be improved in your home. You might be surprised how much money you can make by simply renovating certain areas of your house.

If you put your home on the market during the right time period and are savvy about your specific renovations, you can end up making a ton of additional money. Some people simply want to list their home and avoid dealing with any type of renovations, but this is truly leaving money on the table.

It's advantageous to hire a professional and let them assess your home for potential improvements. In most cases, the increase in equity that results from renovating a home will be far greater than the actual costs of such renovations. This remains true if you hire a contractor to work on your home, but you may also make the decision to do the work yourself.

If you're able to successfully renovate your own home, you're likely going to make tens of thousands of additional dollars. Being strategic is essential when it comes to selling a home for the highest price possible as there are tons of methods that can maximize your profits. Efficiency is what you should be striving for, so make sure you focus on specific renovations and list your home in early May.

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