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Polish American Cultural Center & Museum

The Polish American Cultural Center & Museum allows visitors to experience Polish history and culture. The museum houses Polish folk art, customs, and other articles ...
Rosenbach Museum & Library

The Rosenbach Museum & Library was founded in 1954 to preserve the private collection of two brothers, Dr. A.S.W. and Philip Rosenbach. A.S.W. Rosenbach ...
Elfreth's Alley Association

Elfreth’s Alley was opened in 1702 and has housed thousands of working class Philadelphians over 300 years. This is a great place to experience ...
Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of the largest museums in the United States, we welcome nearly one million visitors each year. Several different buildings house different styles of ...
National Museum of American Jewish History

This museum shares the American Jewish experience with its visitors. Opened in 1976, the museum has expanded and increased its collection and will be ...