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Review for 12th Street Deli wrote by Mark
Rating: 11111
Pros: Great food
Cons: The portions are huge, but that's to be expected (plus you have leftovers!)
Comments: This place is probably the closest I've come personally to a New York style deli while in Philadelphia. When I have friends in from out of town, I try to make it out here at some point
Review for New Deck Tavern wrote by Mark
Rating: 11111
Pros: good service; "Irish bar" atmosphere, but more original and creative than, say, a Kildare's or Bennigan's
Cons: they sell beer by the pitcher, have both Lager and Guinness on tap, but they won't make you a pitcher of Black and Tan - what gives?
Comments: I went in here with a few friends a while back for a few beers. We stopped in while we waited for our reservation at another restaurant nearby - which turned out to be kinda "meh", we should of just eaten here (the fries were good, so I can only ..
Review for Cafe Loftus Downtown wrote by Mark
Rating: 11111
Pros: Solid coffee, friendly staff, good atmosphere
Cons: it's closed down
Comments: I really liked this place, it's a shame it's closed.
Review for El Vez wrote by Shez
Rating: 11111
Pros: Awesome guacamole
Cons: Can get pricey after a while

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